La Laguna Tenerife

Found in the north of the island, only a short distance away from Santa Cruz, La Laguna is Tenerife’s culture capital and is home to many important features which attract thousands of visitors each year.

The recently-refurbished Teatro Leal should be on the top of your to-see list. The building itself is amazing with stunning balconies and a white-washed facade which houses the plush interior, complete with rows of red velvet seating and touches of gold decorations.

Also worthy of a visit is the Church of the Conception, with its unusual dark stone tower which stretches into the sky, as is the Science and Cosmos museum which is packed with fascinating interactive exhibitions that the whole family can enjoy.

In addition to boasting a number of prestigious sites, La Laguna also hosts some of the greatest festivals on the island, including the Corpus Christi celebrations in June, the Pilgrimage of San Benito in July and the Sabandemo Festival in September.

The biggest and best celebrations take place during Easter when the Holy Orders take to the streets in processions, dressed in long robes alongside monks dragging a full-sized crucifix.

Because it is Tenerife’s second largest city, you’ll find a huge selection of bars, cafes, shops and restaurants here, ensuring that there is something to suit all tastes and budgets.

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