Accommodation in Tenerife

Looking for a place to stay in Tenerife? Tenerife caters for all kinds of travellers.

Follow the links for a great variety of Tenerife accommodation and Tenerife apartments or visit our Tenerife Holiday Offers page for the best deals on Tenerife accommodation.

From super luxurious hotels in the smart resort areas, to rustic fincas in the hills, Tenerife has it all and everything in between.

Many visitors on their Tenerife holiday go for self-catering accommodation in one of the island’s many five-star holiday resorts.

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  • Tenerife Resort Accommodation
  • There is an enormous variety of holiday resorts on Tenerife. Find your ideal resort accommodation today.
  • Villas in Tenerife
  • Spend your Tenerife holiday in the comfort of a spacious villa
  • Hotels in Tenerife
  • Check out our Tenerife hotel guide and find the perfect hotel accommodation or apartment for your holiday in Tenerife.
  • Fincas in Tenerife
  • For those who want to experience more rustic private accommodation
  • Guest Houses in Tenerife
  • There is a small selection of guest houses in the Canary Islands, for renting one room only